What Worked in 2013?

When planning for the New Year it’s important to see what worked last year. Checking your analytics and seeing which blog posts got the most traffic is one way to determine what worked.

What Worked in 2103

According to Google Analytics the 10 most trafficked posts on Faithful Bloggers were:

  1. 7 Tips on How To Write a Devotion
  2. Book Review Writing: 5 Tips to Make It Simple
  3. Share Your Testimony: Why it’s Important
  4. Where To Promote Your Giveaway and Contest
  5. How Does Blogging Challenge You
  6. Bible Based WordPress Plugins
  7. Why Do You Blog? Group Writing Project
  8. Protect Your Blog
  9. Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Google Blogger
  10. How to Write Your Testimony

Based on analytics I can tell people are interested in information about writing devotions, book reviews, sharing your testimony online, plugins, and blog security. I can now plan content in 2014 around these topics and interlink them. It gives readers the information they want and helps with SEO by interlinking.

Of course, site analytics, isn’t the only way to tell what worked for your blog. You can also check out your social media analytics and insights. Check your mailing list responses and open and click rates.

The important thing is to find out what worked last year and what didn’t. You don’t want to waste time focusing on content or ideas that were not successful last year this year. Focus on what’s working and continue to do it!