Overcoming Obstacles in Life and Business

Recently two of my kids and I went on a road trip to The Paper House in Pigeon Cove, Massachusetts.

I had visited the paper house with my mom when I was a child, but I had not been back till the other day. It was nice to see it looking just as I remembered.

The Paper House was built by Mr. Elis F. Stenman with the help of his family. Work on it began in 1922. It was lived in during the summer months in the 1920’s.

My visit to the paper house got me thinking about all the obstacles he had to overcome in order to complete such a project. It also got me thinking about the obstacles which we have to overcome in life, entrepreneurship, business and blogging.

I have no idea what gave Mr. Stenman the idea or the desire to build a house made of paper but I am fairly certain he had no guide to follow.

Just like so many things in our own lives, I’m sure Mr. Stenman used the process of trial and error, along with some yankee ingenuity to figure out how to make walls of newspaper (215 layers thick). I’m sure he used trial and error and had to overcome many obstacles to figure out how to make furniture from newspaper which could actually be sat on and used and figure out which coating would stand the test of time. 

The walls are made of paper

All of the furniture is made of rolled newspaper

When I entered the words “overcoming obstacles in life” into a google search this list of four points was the first result which appeared (it comes from inc.com).

  1. Embrace Self-Awareness
  2. Use Time to Your Advantage
  3. Commit to Focused Discipline
  4. Engage Your Own Creativity

While I do not disagree with these points, I believe there is more to it… much more.

Let’s look at each point from a Christian perspective.

1. Embrace Self-Awareness:

To me this phrase screams of new-age and humanism. If I were to rephrase this from a Christian perspective I would say “Embrace Who You Are in Christ”.  God created us each unique and amazing. He put incredible abilities in each of us to give us the ability to overcome obstacles when the need arises. That is what we should be embracing; who we are in Him! 

2. Use Time To Your Advantage:

Time is a funny thing. Time can either be a positive or a negative and it all really depends upon our heart and if we have truly given our desire over to the Lord.

Sometimes we start out to undertake a particular project. We push and push the project forward only to be met with roadblock after roadblock, obstacle after obstacle. If we are not in tune with the Lord, we have a tendency to keep pushing, often with an overwhelming, obsessive drive almost as if racing against time. We can even convince ourselves it is of the Lord when in all actuality, it is really of ourselves. Obstacles are often a sign to slow down or even to completely change course. The sad reality is that often when someone is in this situation, they can’t see it for themselves but many around them can.

On the other hand time can also be a positive and can be used to push us on to completion. For example, when we are in tune with the Lord’s plan for our lives and following his plan, a time deadline for a project is often beneficial to bring the project to completion. A deadline can be a great incentive to overcome obstacles.

Don't race time. Be willing to wait on the Lord. Be willing to put your project on the back burner for awhile. Anything pushed forward before the Lord's time will more than likely face much difficulty.

3. Commit to Focused Discipline.

If I were to rewrite this phrase I would say “Commit to Focused, Disciplined Prayer, and then Commit to Focused, Disciplined Work”….I know, it’s wordy. We could also use a phrase which is on a sign in my office which reads “Work as though it depends on you, pray as though it depends on God”.

If you are undertaking any project concentrated time of prayer will not only help you avoid some of the pitfalls but will give you clarity and help you in overcoming obstacles.

4. Engage Your Own Creativity

How about we use “Engage The Creativity God Put In You”. I think that is a good 4th point for our Christian list of ways to overcome obstacles. God has given you incredible gifts and talents which were given to you to be used for His glory. If you are walking with the Lord, are in tune with His plan for your life and your projects, then you probably have the ability within you to overcome the obstacles you will face. Tap into that creativity.

Sometimes tapping into that God given creativity means getting right in the midst of things and figuring out how to do something, maybe learning something new. Sometimes it means that God has given you the ability to tap into the talents of others around you. Either way, He has either equipped you to accomplish what He is leading you towards or He will send the people your way to bring it to pass.

The clock has newspapers from every state capital

Some questions to consider as you move forward in your entrepreneurial/blogging journey:

  • What are the obstacles in your path?
  • Are you ignoring any of the signs which may be meant to help you change course? 
  • What creativity did God put in you and how can you use it to overcome your current obstacles?
  • Have Christians in your life who care about you said anything to you which can either confirm your plans or be warning signs?

What obstacles are your working on overcoming today?

How To Ask To Guest Post on a Blog

How To Ask To Guest Post on a Blog

There is an issue which is huge problem in the world of blogging. That issue is: how to ask to guest post.  I suspected that Faithful Bloggers was not the only website frustrated by this issue so I sent out a survey to some of the Faithful Bloggers community who I knew participated in guest posting either on the giving or receiving end. This post contains their responses and some helpful words of wisdom.

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Gaming and God: Directory Participant Spotlight

Not being a fan of video games myself, I admit I was skeptical when the random number generator choose a gaming site for the next directory spotlight. However, I reached out to the owner of the site and found a man who not only loves the Lord but who could write on a topic which I am unable to write about.

Whether you are a "gamer" or not, I encourage you to read His spotlight post. You will be glad you did, especially if you have children or grandchildren who enjoy video games. 

It is my honor to introduce you to a man who is using his passion to honor the Lord....Michael Morejon. 

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How to Write Your Testimony - and a Giveaway

WOO HOO!!! We have a new resource available which we think you are going to LOVE!!!

And it's FREE!  We all love free right? It can be found in the members area.  To access the members area fill out the form below. 

To launch this exciting new resource we have a giveaway going on. Details on how to enter are down below

HOW TO WRITE YOUR TESTIMONY is our latest resource to help you share your God story.

HOW TO WRITE YOUR TESTIMONY will walk you step by step through the process of writing your testimony.

It comes with worksheets and ideas for what to do with your testimony once you have it written. 

We're so excited to hear about your testimony getting written and your plans for sharing it with the world. 

If you just want to access this resource and are not interested in joining the giveaway, simply fill out the form in the sidebar, you will be emailed the current password to our member area where you can access HOW TO WRITE YOUR TESTIMONY as well as other resources.

Now for the giveaway:  

Watch this video to see the giveaway items: 

This giveaway includes a box of beautiful cards to color One is Psalms to color, the Other is Proverbs to color. Two winners will be chosen, each will get one box plus a variety of items perfect for art or mixed media journaling. 

It's Leave the Office Early Day!.png
giveaway 2.jpg

UPDATE:  This giveaway has ended. Congratulations to our winners. Dianna and Elaine...enjoy your goodies.

To Enter the Giveaway: 

  • giveaway closed. 

Thanks to everyone who helps us get the word out about our new resource HOW TO WRITE YOUR TESTIMONY. We are very excited about it being used to help people tell their God story. 

50 Devotion Topics and Ideas

As bloggers and writers we all face it eventually, the blank computer screen or paper.

Devotion topics can sometime be difficult to come up with when we're in a dry spell and the words just won't flow. 

We have heard from many of our readers that having some resources to help with overcoming writing block would be helpful. 

As part of our ongoing quest to encourage bloggers, writers, and anyone else who is passionate about sharing their Christian message, we have a brand new resource available, and it's FREE!

50 Devotion Topics and Ideas

This resource will help you brainstorm devotion topics in those times when you just seem to be coming up dry. We hope you enjoy it and it is a blessing to you. Please let us know in the comments what you think and if you would like more resources like this. 

For the next four days this resource will be available here for download. After that time, the first page will be available in our "freebies" area and the entire resource will be available for free (along with other free resources) in our members area which you can access by signing up using the form below. Once you submit the form you will receive a password. 

Christian Haiku Group Writing Project

It has been a while since Faithful Bloggers hosted a group writing project so we thought it was about time for one. 

Christian Haiku

Announcing the Christian Haiku Group Writing Project

Why Christian Haiku? Well, Monday April 17th is Haiku Poetry Day. In honor of that, we are seeking writing submission which are Haiku but are also Christian in content. 

We will be compiling all the submission of Christian Haiku into a downloadable book (PDF) which you can share with your readers. 
This PDF will be hosted on Faithful Bloggers for download but if you are a contributing writer, you are also welcome to make this available on your own site (for free only,  this can not be charged for). The purpose of this book is to share the Word of God in a manner which is a bit different than you may have done in the past. Having something on your site for your readers to download creates increased engagement. This is a good opportunity for you to have something for them to download at minimal work on your end. It's also a good opportunity to stretch yourself and your writing. 

If you are asking, "What exactly is Haiku?" well, we're glad you asked. 

Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry which originated in the 16th century. It is a pattern of 3 lines of poetry (that's all, not so hard right?). The three lines contain specific numbers of syllables, the first line has 5 syllables, the second 7 syllables and the third line has 5 syllables. Here is an example from
Tom DiFrancesca III of http://www.4u-lord.com

Like snowflakes falling quickly
God's grace pouring down

There are many examples of Haiku available online if you need more examples. If you would like more Christian examples, there are some links at the bottom of this post.

How to submit for the Christian Haiku Group Writing Project:

  • Send an email to admin(at)faithfulbloggers.com.

  • The subject line must read: "Haiku Submission".

  • You are welcome to submit up to 10 Haiku.

  • If you want us to include a link to your website in the PDF, you must include it in the email submission. If it is not in the email, it will not be in the PDF. 

  • All submissions will include the name of the author unless it is specified in the email that you wish to remain anonymous.

  • The deadline for submission is Wednesday April 12th at 10:00a.m.

  • If you want us to include a link to your website in the PDF, you must include it in the email submission. If it is not in the email, it will not be in the PDF. 

  • We reserve the right to refuse any submission we feel are innappropriate for our readers. 

  • By submitting to the Group Writing Project you are giving permission for your submission to be distributed free of charge here on Faithful Bloggers as well as on other contributors websites. 

We will turn all submissions into a PDF and will send an email on Friday April 14th for you to access the PDF so you can promote it on International Haiku Poetry Day (April 17th). 

So get busy writing those Haiku, we can't wait to read them. 

UPDATE:  The Haiku PDF Download can be found here


Do You Want to Increase Your Online Exposure? We Can Help.

Christian Blog Directory Spotlight

We are excited to announce a new feature to help you increase your online exposure.

"Directory Participant Spotlight"

We will be spotlighting in a post here on the site, people (and their websites) who are listed in the Faithful Bloggers directory. 

This will be an added benefit to you if you are listed in our directory. Now, not only will you have the benefit of links to your site from your directory listing but you will have the opportunity to also have a post about you and your site with additional links. 

We have been busy going through the directory and making sure all the links are working and that everything is current. 

If you would like to be chosen to be spotlighted, you will have to apply using the form below. We will choose who to spotlight at random from those who apply to be spotlighted. There will be no regular set schedule for the frequency of the "Directory Participant Spotlights", they will be posted when we feel it's time for another one. 

Your spotlight post can be either written by you or by us. In your spotlight post you will have opportunity to tell us about yourself and your website. If you have a product you would like featured, we can do that as well. 

The "Directory Participant Spotlights" will be shared on our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Requirements to be spotlighted:

  • You must be listed in the directory. If you are not already listed in the directory you MUST do that FIRST. Here is the link to JOIN THE DIRECTORY
  • Your website must contain the link back to Faithful Bloggers and it must remain on your site as long as you are listed in the directory
  • If you have a blog we ask that you share on your blog regarding your spotlight at Faithful Bloggers and include a link to your spotlight post. 
  • all other requirements listed on the directory sign up page must be met
  • We reserve the right to refuse any entries for Directory Participant Spotlights.

If you are listed in the directory and would like to be "spotlighted" fill out this form to apply. Once the form is received, we will add you to the pool of those who are wanting to be spotlighted. If chosen, you will be notified via email and we can then begin the process of getting your post put together for publication. If you are not chosen, your name will remain in the pool for future spotlights.

Name *

Don't Forget Your End of Quarter Review

With the end of March comes the end of the first quarter of 2017. It's time to evaluate how your first quarter has been. Are you happy with the direction your year is taking?

As I sit down to do my quarterly review as I do each and every quarter of the year I ask myself the above question as well as: Am I on track for the plan I set? If I am, what adjustments might be necessary? If I'm not, do I need to adjust the plan or adjust the actions in order to get back on track? 

Planning and reviewing are excellent practices to put into place in your life. Planning and reviewing help you to:

  • get unstuck 
  • make time for important things in life
  • move things forward with purpose
  • and so much more

If you've ever wondered how some people can accomplish so much in their life and yet you seem to remain stuck, they are probably using the practice of planning. Planning is purposeful. It is purposefully putting a plan on paper and creating steps to help you accomplish your goals. 

With the end of this quarter I want to encourage you to consider how your year is going and if you haven't written a plan for the year, go ahead and write one. The end of the quarter is the perfect time. Writing a yearly plan can taken place any time during a year, not only at the beginning. Next Tuesday we will be launching a new product called "Write a Yearly Plan", it is a faith based yearly planning tool. It will only be available for a limited time. This is the exact planning tool I use to write my yearly plan. 

In addition, if you'd like to join us, we will be talking about planning and our individual progress on the Facebook page. 

So, I encourage you to get busy either conducting your review or writing your plan. If you need a resource to help you accomplish that, watch for the release of "Write a Yearly Plan" on Tuesday. 


Are You Using a Blog Post Checklist?

blog post checklist.jpg

Last week I wrote a post called "Why You Need A Blog Post Planner". Today I'm going to tell you about the second tool you need for publishing a blog post, it's the 'blog post checklist'.  As I mentioned in the other post, a planner is your tool for planning your post, but the checklist is used to make sure you included everything in your post prior to publishing. It also helps to ensure you complete all the tasks you need to complete as you publish your post. The checklist helps you to remember all the things like, adding meta tags or descriptions to photos, publishing to social media, resizing photos for quicker load times, etc.

Both the planner and the checklist are tools you can use in your blog planning. Watch for our planning tool called 'Write a Yearly Plan' to be released soon which can help you in planning all areas of your life including your blogging ministry or business. 

Watch the video for more information on blog post checklists. Fill out the form below to join the list and download the checklist.

If you missed the post on the blog post planner go here: 'Why You Need a Blog Post Planner'


When you submit the form below, you will receive a password to access our member area where you will find the blog post checklist and other helpful resources. 

Why You Need a Blog Post Planner

Why You Need a Blog Post Planner

If you have not been using a blog post planner, boy are you missing out.

But a blog post planner is only a part of a larger system. With just the planner the same thing happens. You sit at your desk, you take out your blog post planner, you begin to plan a blog post aaannd…nothing. You are blank. So, I want to show you how I use a blog post planner.

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7 Days of Kindness Challenge

It started with one person - one random act.

Hot, humid, sticky...and impatient!  That's how I was feeling (hot, sticky & impatient) one recent sunny Northern Michigan summer afternoon. Let me back up a little and explain.

All I wanted was a Diet Coke, but not just any Diet Coke - it had to be a fountain pop (call me crazy but there is a difference in taste between a fountain drink and a canned/bottled one!). And in my small town there's two options - the gas station or McDonald's.

Thinking it would be quick (and well easy - no getting out of the car, going in, etc.) I opted to go through the drive through at McDonald's. The line up of cars to order was a bit long and I could have chose to drive away but I didn't. Instead I got stuck in the line of traffic and found myself getting hotter and more impatient and irritable as the time ticked by.

Once I made it to the window to pay, I was irritated that it had taken so long. I wanted to pay, be grumpy and get on my way. But something happened that immediately convicted me of my poor attitude. The girl at the window was grinning from ear to ear and bubbling with excitement as she shared the news - the person in front of you paid for your order.

And she got even more excited and more animated as I handed her cash to pay for the person behind me. She went on to tell me the story:

It started several cars ago - a person paid for the car behind them and told me to tell them to have a great day and to pay it forward. And they did and so did the next person and the next person and the next person and so on. You are now making the person behind you car #7 that has had the pay it forward experience!

It gave me goose bumps and a huge attitude adjustment. And good grief - why was I choosing to be irritated and impatient when I made the decision to stay in the line in the first place (knowing it was long and not moving very quickly!).

I'll never know how many pay it forward experiences there were that day but I still get goose bumps thinking about it. And now every time I go for my Diet Coke - don't judge ;-) - I continue to pay it forward.

[tweetthis display_mode="box"]Isn't it time to be more like Jesus & love those around us regardless of race, religion, & more? [/tweetthis]


Since that day I've been thinking about all the things going on around me (the horrible acts of violence, racism, and more) and how we all need to see and be a part of more kindness. Maybe we can't change the horrific things going on in the world, but we can still make a positive impact around us...one small act at a time!

7 Days of Kindness Challenge 

That small act of kindness at McDonald's did me in - I can't stop thinking about it and how I just want to show others around me love, kindness, and that they matter. So I decided to create a 7 day challenge for myself and got so excited about it that it made sense to invite others to participate too!

We don't have to do some over the top large gesture to impact the lives of those around us. In fact, sometimes it's the little things (like smiling at some one, holding a door open, etc.) that mean the most. So this challenge is all about doing small random acts of kindness.

Why 7 days? 

I chose 7 days because in the grand scheme of things, committing to do something every day for just 7 days isn't that big of a deal! Everybody can find time to commit to a seven day challenge.

I want in! 

Ready to be a part of the action to? Simply enter your name and email address below and for the next 7 days you'll receive an email from me that will give you a suggested act to do for that day. (remember - I'm just giving you suggestions, you're more than welcome to create your kindness acts!)



(function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id; js.src = "//forms.aweber.com/form/25/1916542125.js"; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); }(document, "script", "aweber-wjs-4w3653iz8"));

Can't wait to hear all about your experiences over the course of the 7 day challenge!

Above all, clothe yourselves with love, which binds us all together in perfect harmony. -Colossians 3:14 (NLT)

Adult Coloring Page: Gods Grace


christian adult coloring page Did you enjoy coloring as a kid? I loved it. And I'm happy to say that as an adult in my 40's (early 40's by the way lol) I've started, over the past couple years, to take the time to do more of it.

Yes, I've jumped on the adult coloring craze train! And it's a craze that's for sure. Have you seen all the Adult Coloring items that come up in Amazon? It's page after page after page of results - coloring books, pens, pencils, etc.!

As I'm writing this, I realized it's been several weeks since I've done any coloring. Guess I better change that ;-) And thanks to Kelly McCausey I have a new page to color. She sent me a new design she created just for Faithful Bloggers (see the image above) called God's Grace. I can't wait to get started, wanna color it too? Just click the image below to get the coloring page:


And in case that isn't enough to feed your inner child coloring enthusiast, check these out too.

Other Adult Coloring Page Freebies

Did you download the other free Christian adult coloring pages I've shared in the past? If not, you'll find them here:



Fun for adult coloring enthusiasts!

color-monthly-gift-passBack in July I needed a way to 'escape' reality. It had been three months since my, then four year old - now five, nephew Braylan had been diagnosed with leukemia. Around that time I started hearing about the adult coloring craze. Coloring was something I loved as a kid. Back then, I could get lost for hours with a coloring book and box of crayons. That's how I 'escaped' when I needed to as a kid...with a sometimes not so pleasant life.

So it didn't surprise me when I bought my first adult coloring book, how easily I was able to tune out everything around me and get lost in a stress-free, fun "kids" activity!

The Adult Coloring Craze 

Shortly after purchasing that first (and so far only one!) adult coloring book, along came Color Monthly - a really easy way to feed my coloring obsession! What I loved about this (and still love) is the fact that it's digital downloads, delivered monthly. So I get to pick and choose what ones I want to print out and color!

Then along came Color Monthly's premium packages - more coloring pages every month and a few other fun items to go with it. It didn't take me long to sign up for the subscription. I still pay every month to be a member...I love it that much.

If you're a coloring fanatic like me, then be sure to check out the Color Monthly 2016 All Access Gift Pass. For a one-time payment of just $37 you'll get access to ALL the color monthly premiere packs and extra packs too! (That's a value of up to $200!). The regular price will be $57 for this offer but if you act fast and purchase now you'll get the special price of just $37!


This would also make a perfect last minute gift for a coloring enthusiast friend or family member!

Let's recap real quick: 

Purchasing the 2016 All Access Pass gives you immediate access to all Color Monthly Premier Packages AND all Color Monthly Extra Packages we release from now until the end of 2016! That's a whole lot of stress-releasing, reality "escaping" fun to be had! ;-)

FotoJet Review

I was recently contacted by someone on PearlMountain Technology's team about a new free online collage maker  - FotoJet. Being that I'm as graphics challenged as I am, I'm always on the lookout for something quick and easy with templates I can edit to add my own text/images to use for social media posts, blog posts, etc. I've been using Canva for awhile and once I familiarized myself with their software, it was pretty simple to work with. But as I read this email about this new software, a few things caught my attention:

FotoJet is a free online collage maker that enables users to quickly create amazing photo cards, collages and posters without the hassles of downloading or installing. It’s as easy as 1,2,3 to use it:

  • Choose from 320+ templates for collage, photo card, poster and social media to get started.
  • Add photos and freely customize the collage as you wish.
  • Freely save collage as JPG/PNG or directly share it via Facebook.

So, I decided to put FotoJet to the test...check out this screencast video as I use the FotoJet software for the first time:

Now that I've attempted to use their software that's "as easy as 1,2,3 to quickly create amazing collages, and more" - I can't help but chuckle. As you can see from the screencast video, I did not find it easy to work with. There were definitely some limiting capabilities (not being able to move text boxes was the biggest drawback for me). I may spend a little more time playing around with the software to see if I can figure things out better but my first reaction is to stick with what I already know - Canva - and pass on FotoJet.

I would love to hear your thoughts. Have you used FotoJet? Did you find it easy to work with? Any tips for me?


Where to Promote Christian Books

Recently I've started receiving some emails about promoting Christian Books. While I'm not opposed to reading and doing a book review (I love to read!), these particular requests were looking for something more - places to promote their books that would reach a larger audience. So it only made sense to find out what resources award-winning and internationally best-selling author and owner of  Author Audience Academy Shelley Hitz had in her 'rolodex' of tools.

She has a great blog post full of tons of places to promote your Christian book. I highly recommend you check out 100+ Places to Promote Christian Books.

Coloring Isn't Just For Kids

2015-07-03-12.20.49-1024x576 When I was a little girl I loved to dump out and spread all over the floor a box of crayons and grab one of my many coloring books. I would get lost in the moment and before long hours had passed. Hours of outlining everything in black and then carefully choosing the perfect color to fill in the outlined shapes or characters. As I got older and grew up, coloring was for 'kids' and my box of Crayola crayons and coloring books were pushed to the back of my closet where they sat with other things I had gotten 'too old' for.

Who says coloring is just for kids?

I've started to embrace my love of coloring again recently. With adult coloring books all the rage lately, it seemed the perfect time to get back into it! Check Amazon for adult coloring books and you'll be greeted with numerous options to choose from - animals, beach scenes, flowers, and more!

Or why not just print out this free Christian Adult Coloring Page instead? I've got mine printed out and ready to go. I just need some new markers...guess I'll have to make a trip to the store this week, oh darn ;-)

Be blessed!


A Letter To All Women - Young and Old


BeYourselfSorry guys, this one is for the gals (although, the content of the post can pertain to men too). It wasn't surprising that I needed a Kleenex when I came across Lessons from the Sidewalk {An Open Letter to ALL Women} today in my feed reader. I've always struggled with the 'just a...' syndrome. In the past, I was always just a single mom - that was my identity for 12 years. Then suddenly, when my son moved in full-time with his dad and step mom, I wasn't really a single mom anymore. I was a part-time parent...and my identity crisis started - suddenly I wasn't sure who I was anymore.

I'm 'just a...'

Over and over that's how conversations would go as I compared myself to those around me, feeling like I never measured up. I'd like to say I've gotten better about this - not comparing myself and saying things like 'just a...' but it's a continuous struggle. That's why I LOVED reading this post, today. Here's an excerpt:

You are EXACTLY as we need you to be.  So please don’t change.  We are so desperate for your story, for the way your life makes ours so much better.

So, gals - please take a few minutes to go read this. It's well worth the read and a good reminder for all of us!

Until next time... Tishia

Time With God (Over a Lifetime)

Time With God  

Our devotional time with God varies with the seasons of our lives. Some of those seasons allow for indepth studies, while others allow for just short snatches of focused time. There isn't a "right" way to have devotional time. The most important thing is that we make the time to do it, even if for a just a few minutes at a time.

This blogger reminds us "He is a God of grace and meets us in the moment."

These days I am taking life slow with God. Sounds strange, I know. It has been almost two years since we had to leave our church of twenty years. For me, it has been devastating. I have tried to work through the pain as best as possible. I have worked on forgiving and getting myself emotionally healthy again. It has been quite the process. During this time, I have slowed down with God. That doesn't mean that I spend less time with Him. It just means that I am not going through a ton of Bible studies. Instead I am camping out on a verse or chapter a day. I started doing this with Thom Gardner's book, The Healing Journey. I needed reassurance that God still loved me even though I had been through severe rejection from fellow Christians. I would only do a verse or two a day and journal about them. His book taught me to focus on what God was really saying about me and His love for me.