Time With God (Over a Lifetime)

Time With God  

Our devotional time with God varies with the seasons of our lives. Some of those seasons allow for indepth studies, while others allow for just short snatches of focused time. There isn't a "right" way to have devotional time. The most important thing is that we make the time to do it, even if for a just a few minutes at a time.

This blogger reminds us "He is a God of grace and meets us in the moment."

These days I am taking life slow with God. Sounds strange, I know. It has been almost two years since we had to leave our church of twenty years. For me, it has been devastating. I have tried to work through the pain as best as possible. I have worked on forgiving and getting myself emotionally healthy again. It has been quite the process. During this time, I have slowed down with God. That doesn't mean that I spend less time with Him. It just means that I am not going through a ton of Bible studies. Instead I am camping out on a verse or chapter a day. I started doing this with Thom Gardner's book, The Healing Journey. I needed reassurance that God still loved me even though I had been through severe rejection from fellow Christians. I would only do a verse or two a day and journal about them. His book taught me to focus on what God was really saying about me and His love for me.