Why You Need a Blog Post Planner

Getting organized, some people love it, some people hate it.

How to Use a Blog Post Planner

But one thing is certain, getting at least some things organized sure can simplify things. Having a blog planner can help with that. With the recent transfer of ownership of Faithful Bloggers, in order for things to run in an efficient manner and not take over my life, I knew it was going to be of utmost importance to get things organized.

Fortunately, I already had a system in place which I was using for other areas of my life. I simply took those systems and duplicated them for Faithful Bloggers. I also had ample time to put into the organizing and planning process due to the amount of time it took the domain company to transfer domain names and a few other things which took time.

One of the things which has always been important to me in my planning is a way to plan my blog posts.

How often do you have thoughts or ideas for a good blog post and then when you sit at your computer to type one up you go blank? How often have you gone to type up a blog post only to forget the other points you were going to make regarding the topic?

How many time do you think of a good blog post while you are out, only to not recall the idea when you get home? Without a plan in place, if you’re like me, the answer would be in a multiple digit number.

You have random thoughts of creative awesomeness constantly running through your head.

These thoughts, though seemingly random, put together with other random thoughts, just might make a great blog post. But you need a place to put all those random thoughts. You need a place to gather them, and string them together.  Then, when you sit at your computer to type up your post you don’t have to worry about going blank. You don’t have to worry about remembering the other point you wanted to make. You’ll have it at your fingertips. So, what is this magical storage place for all those random thoughts of awesomeness? It’s the printable blog post planner.

If you have not been using a blog post planner, boy are you missing out.

But a blog post planner is only a part of a larger system. With just the planner the same thing happens. You sit at your desk, you take out your blog post planner, you begin to plan a blog post aaannd…nothing. You are blank. So, in the video I show you how I use a blog post planner.

Soon, I will also be sharing with you a blog post checklist which accompanies this blog post planner. Then shortly after that I will be sharing with you some of my other planning tools. We’re in the process of putting them together for adding as one of the Faithful Bloggers available Resources and we have to do a few finishing touches. This planning process tool is called “Write a Yearly Plan” and will:

  • Show you what scripture says about planning.
  • Guide you in planning and goal setting in all areas of your life including blogging, ministry, work, family, etc.
  • Guide you in committing your year and your goals to the Lord
  • Encourage you to follow dreams.

These are the same tools I have used every year for over 10 years to pursue dreams and help to grow our family business to having 45 employees.

In the meantime, here’s the link to the blog post planner.   Enjoy!


To read the post about the blog post checklist and access the checklist go to "Are You Using A Blog Post Checklist?"