A Letter To All Women - Young and Old


BeYourselfSorry guys, this one is for the gals (although, the content of the post can pertain to men too). It wasn't surprising that I needed a Kleenex when I came across Lessons from the Sidewalk {An Open Letter to ALL Women} today in my feed reader. I've always struggled with the 'just a...' syndrome. In the past, I was always just a single mom - that was my identity for 12 years. Then suddenly, when my son moved in full-time with his dad and step mom, I wasn't really a single mom anymore. I was a part-time parent...and my identity crisis started - suddenly I wasn't sure who I was anymore.

I'm 'just a...'

Over and over that's how conversations would go as I compared myself to those around me, feeling like I never measured up. I'd like to say I've gotten better about this - not comparing myself and saying things like 'just a...' but it's a continuous struggle. That's why I LOVED reading this post, today. Here's an excerpt:

You are EXACTLY as we need you to be.  So please don’t change.  We are so desperate for your story, for the way your life makes ours so much better.

So, gals - please take a few minutes to go read this. It's well worth the read and a good reminder for all of us!

Until next time... Tishia