Adult Coloring Page: Gods Grace


christian adult coloring page Did you enjoy coloring as a kid? I loved it. And I'm happy to say that as an adult in my 40's (early 40's by the way lol) I've started, over the past couple years, to take the time to do more of it.

Yes, I've jumped on the adult coloring craze train! And it's a craze that's for sure. Have you seen all the Adult Coloring items that come up in Amazon? It's page after page after page of results - coloring books, pens, pencils, etc.!

As I'm writing this, I realized it's been several weeks since I've done any coloring. Guess I better change that ;-) And thanks to Kelly McCausey I have a new page to color. She sent me a new design she created just for Faithful Bloggers (see the image above) called God's Grace. I can't wait to get started, wanna color it too? Just click the image below to get the coloring page:


And in case that isn't enough to feed your inner child coloring enthusiast, check these out too.

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