5 Tips to Help Your Blog Succeed in 2014

In this podcast Andy and I talk about ways you can help make your blog succeed in 2014! That's something we all want right? Success is different for everyone but these tips will help regardless of how you measure success.


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5 Tips To Help Your Blog Succeed in 2014

  1. Pray - As Christians we know the importance prayer plays in our personal lives. It should play just as an important role in our blogging and business life.

  2. Set a clear mission statement for your blog (aka core values) - If you don't have one, create one. If you do, review it and make sure you are keeping to it.

  3. Keep your goals visible at all times - If a task doesn’t get you closer to your goal, don’t do it.

  4. Connect with your readers - Learn how your readers use your website and where they hang out. If they are on Facebook, be very active on Facebook. If they are somewhere else, be there. If you don't have an email list you need to start one! Our email

  5. Test out new ideas - Don’t be afraid to experiment

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