How to Write Your Testimony

As mentioned in previous posts, sharing your testimony online is a great way to encourage others in Christ.  It’s a true example of Christ’s love for all people. Although many may want to publish their testimony online, they may not be sure how to get started.  Sharing one’s testimony is a very personal and intimate story and that can be hard to share for some.

Before you even start writing your testimony out, you should pray about it first.  Pray for God’s guidance and the correct words to use.  This one step makes the entire process so much easier.  :)

In my opinion there are three basic points that need to be addressed in any testimony.

  1. What your life was like before you were saved - Your life before salvation can hard to admit to at times.  We have all sinned and while the God does not make distinctions between various sins, the world does.  Admitting to the world that we lived a sinful life, especially if the sin is appalling to the world, takes courage.  However it’s important that we tell others.  It allows the world to see what you were and what you became after Christ.
  2. What led you to Christ - When sharing your testimony it’s important to share how and why you got saved.  Did a friend invite you to church?  Did you read a blog online that got you to start asking questions?  Did you see a difference in someone else and wanted to know what that change was.  Describe your experience leading up to, during, and after salvation.
  3. What your life was like after you were saved - Not everyone has a visible outward change after salvation.  A lot of times the changes are found inside – in the way we think, in the way make decisions, etc.  But the Bible is very specific, there is a change.

Writing your testimony requires you to be honest.  So above all else whatever you write, make sure it’s the truth.  It’s not only effects you but anyone else who may read it.  You don’t want to cast any doubt on Christ’s love for the sinner but to encourage the lost and other believers and to bring glory to God.