Be a Witness Online by Sharing Your Testimony

As Christian bloggers we should always strive to be a witness online.  One way to do so is by sharing your personal testimony about how you came to know Christ and the impact it made in your life. I’ve written a couple posts already about sharing your testimony online.

Sharing your testimony, which often includes the admittance of sins you would rather forget, can be a hard thing to do.  Your relationship with Christ is a very personal thing – a heart and soul bearing thing.  It’s hard to convey that type of relationship in a written post, video or podcast but as Christians it’s important that we share it.

By sharing our testimony we are being a witness to the love and power of Christ.  We are being a witness to the glory of God and the comfort that only the Holy Spirit can provide.  Sharing these things can never be a bad thing but can only touch the lives of others.

The purpose of sharing your testimony isn’t solely to reach others either.  It also serves as a reminder to yourself of how you used to be and how you are now – the difference between the old man and the new (Ephesians 4:22-24).  It’s for those times that we become backslidden and we can see the love of Christ regardless of what sins we may have committed.

Have you shared your testimony online?  If so, leave a link.  I’m writing mine to publish over at Faithful Devotions and will leave a link in the comments section as soon as it is published.

If you need help writing your testimony we have a guide which will walk you step by step through the process. "How to Write Your Testimony" can be found free in the members area. You will receive a password to the members area via email when you submit the form below. 

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