Online Ministry - Starting a Devotional Site

Have you ever wanted to start an online ministry by writing devotions?  It's pretty easy to get started with and can actually be done quickly. Of course, the first thing you should do is pray about it.  The only way a your devotional site will have any type of success is if God is involved. What is a devotional?

According to WikiAnswers:

"A devotional is short one-page writing about a topic related to the Christian faith and life. They usually have a Bible verse or two on which they are based and are not, due to their brevity on 'heavy' theological topics but provide words of encouragement or challenging and inspiring thoughts. Many devotional writings also contain illustrations from everyday life and then relate that to Christian living. "

What is a devotional website?

A devotional website can be found in many different formats.  The most popular format is using the written word.  Bloggers and content writers will write devotions and then publish them on their website.  However you don't have to stick to the written word.  You could have a devotional radio show (which is easy to setup on, an audio podcast, a video podcast, a TV show (also very easy to setup with WordPress and plugins),or a combination of all the above.  There is no set way to publish a devotional site.  You just have to publish devotions in some form or fashion.

Remember though that it's not just enough to put up some devotions on a webpage and be done.  It's takes love, passion, and devotion.

  1. Love – In order have a ministry, online or offline, you have to have a love for Christ.
  2. Passion – You must have a passion to show God’s love to others
  3. Devotion – You must be willing to devote your time and resources to the ministry.

What do I write about?

Since devotional writings usually contain illustrations from your everyday life you could pick a particular life issue to focus your devotional site on.  For instance, if you are a stay at home mom your devotions could be focused on issues you and other stay at home moms face.  

Some other examples would be:

  • Single parents
  • Marriage
  • Homeschool
  • Divorce
  • Business

These are all topics you could write devotions around.  Your devotional site could touch on all these topics or you could concentrate on just one.  The choice is your to make.  Of course, there are lot more topics than just those I listed.

Do you have a devotional blog or website and have any tips for those who are interested in starting one as well?  If so, leave them in the comments!