Faith Based Business Devotions

My online mentor and friend, Kelly McCausey, has just recently released a book of faith based business devotions.  I have read these devotions and they are wonderful!  In fact, I refer to them often in my day to day business dealings. Her book  is a ten week devotional that you can follow to help you reach your God size dreams.  And yes, I know it is called Business Devotions, but all the topics could easily be applied to blogging.

Check out these topics:

  1. Praying for your business.
  2. God's ecomony.
  3. Your calling.
  4. Your spiritual gifts.
  5. Managing your time.
  6. Business by The Book.
  7. Your mentors.
  8. Overcoming personal obstacles.
  9. Pursuing excellence.
  10. Sharing your faith.

You know I put God is in the forefront of my business and blogs and these devotions just help me to continue doing that even when I'm feeling down or depressed about the way things are going.  They remind me that God is in control and if I run my business and/or blogs according to His will, then by God sized dreams will come true - in fact, they already are coming true!  It's amazing to watch God work in my business and blogs.

You can get a digital PDF version  of Kelly McCausey's Faith Based Business Devotions for just $5 or you can even get a copy for your Kindle if that is what your prefer.