Don’t Be Ruled by Your Past

"Our past failure and or situations oftentimes affect or determine how we will react to our present situation(s) or life. But isn't it time to let the past go? Stop using your past experiences and stop complaining about this and that, but get up and ‘launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a draught.’” Luke 5: 1-11; St. John 21:3-6, 11; Philippians 3:13-14

One of Jesus’ first disciple, Simon Peter, in the book of Luke 5, is a very good example of most of us today.?Peter, and no doubt his partners in the other boat, were fishing for many hours, but caught nothing when Jesus met them. He was frustrated and became doubtful of ever catching any fish. Probably it was this catch he was depending on to take care of him and his family; perhaps he desperately needed some money to take care of his bills and was having a very unfruitful, hopeless and depressing night and day. There comes this carpenter son who probably knew nothing about fishing and his present situation who tells him to go out in the deep and let down his net for a great catch. Peter must have been thinking that this man was crazy; 'Hasn't he noticed I have been here all night until now and have caught nothing?'

However, just to please Jesus, Peter obeyed and did as Jesus commanded. Can you guess what happened when Peter obeyed Jesus’ command and went back into the very place he was coming from and let down his net? The Bible says, "And when they had this done, they enclosed a great multitude of fishes: and their net brake" (Luke 5:6).

You may have been trying to do something for a very long time, and everything you tried failed. You look around and your friends are prospering, but you are not. You may have questioned God over and over about why you are facing this dilemma, but God has given you no answer. Your feeling is never understandable, but what is God saying in your situation? God may be saying one of two things:

  1. Try again. Peter was able to catch more fish than he ever caught in his whole fishing career when he tried again. God does not promise that He will come when you call Him, but He promise to always be there for you. Your timing is not His timing. The world is operated by seasons, a season of failure and a season of success (Ecclesiastes 3). When it is your season, you will walk in it and forget the all-night toiling. Therefore, be persistent in your pursuits and always try to listen to that still small voice giving you direction. Perhaps the still small voice is saying back down for a season, as your season of prosperity or success is not yet.

2. Try something else. The fact is that everyone wasn't born to be a fisherman, policeman, pastor, doctor, educator, etc. but everyone was born for a purpose. Each person was given a key to unlock a door that only you can. Yes, there will be other doctors, but no one else can practice medicine like you. There may be other educators, but no else can teach like you. Sometimes we are holding on to things that we should not, and because of that, we continue down a road of torment, failures and disappointments. There is a time to start something, and there is also a time to quit.

The signs will be there of what God wants you to do; follow them. Do not allow your past to continually hinder your progress. You may have tried many times to bake a cake, but kept failing and simply gave up. What if you should try again and develop a recipe that will make you a millionaire? You will never grow further than your past if you continually allow your past to hinder your future. Throw every rubbish of your past in a garbage truck, or garbage bin, ?and look no longer for it; nor should you consider it, "for the former things are passed away," and behold God makes all things new (Revelation 21:4-5).


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Written By: Eston Swaby

Author of Christian devotional book An Empowered Life, Eston Swaby is the founder of Christian online magazine site where he writes on various topics faith, family, relationship, inspiration and more. He is a devoted Christian and ordain minister. He enjoys doing motivational speaking. You can learn more about him on his personal site and get a copy of his devotional book on Amazon.