Watts Bugging You

At Watt’s Bugging You, we have a BUG mission to touch children’s and parent’s lives. Our series of children’s books and products are aimed at helping parents talk through real life scenarios (cancer, bullying, adoption, disabilities, moving, etc.) with their young children (2-6 yrs. old) using faith messages, children’s language, and children’s characters (Bugs).

Submitted by: Kristen Barnett


The Grace Bond

The moment I chose Jesus in my life at 16 years old was the same moment I chose open adoption for my birth daughter. In the years following, He has continued to guide our open adoption story (He writes the best stories!) and my life story. This is my journey of embracing God's grace and all He is teaching me.

Submitted by: Leah Outten


A Quilting Sheep

I am a simple sheep who has been redeemed by the blood of the Holy Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, Who is the Good Shepherd and knows His sheep.

I love to quilt and share my creative adventures.

I also have been touched by adoption from both sides. First, I am a mom of two adopted children and, second, I am a grandmother to a granddaughter that was placed for adoption. Her parents chose to have an open adoption, so I am able to enjoy being her grandma and watch her grow up.

A Quote To Encourage You:

A Quilting Sheep submitted by Amy Barta.