Watts Bugging You

At Watt’s Bugging You, we have a BUG mission to touch children’s and parent’s lives. Our series of children’s books and products are aimed at helping parents talk through real life scenarios (cancer, bullying, adoption, disabilities, moving, etc.) with their young children (2-6 yrs. old) using faith messages, children’s language, and children’s characters (Bugs).

Submitted by: Kristen Barnett



Hello. I am Vincent Woodard, entrepreneur, speaker, and blogger. I’m also the owner of Whole Armor Media (graphic design company), and Whole Armor Recordings (music label) out of Wilson, NC. I graduated from Grimsley High School (GO WHIRLIES!) in Greensboro, NC, where I grew up and later attended Potomac State University in WV where I majored in Business Management. I am currently studying Business Leadership at Ashford University. I look forward to connecting with you as you grow in the direction of your dreams.

Submitted by: Vincent Woodard


The Abundant Heart

Speaking to you from the abundance of my heart on topics that include family, motherhood, home education, creation/nature, and the things God has taught me in my "Be Still and Know Time." My blogs are sometimes poetry, and sometimes prose, but always from my heart.

Submitted by: Angela Rueger