Yes, You Can Blog! How To Start Yours Today

I know a few people who have never heard of blogs.  It amazes me, yet I remember when I first discovered the world of blogging.  I found a new world.

I began reading a few blogs, then more blogs, then more blogs.  Then, I decided to give blogging a try for myself.

You may be asking, 'Can I blog?'


There are many reasons to start a blog:

  • Journal your progress in your goals.  Your goals may be spiritual, personal, or physical.  I am blogging about my weight loss, or as I like to call it, Healthier Habits on my personal blog.
  • Journal your family memories and/or photos.
  • Share your hobbies or expertise with others, That knowledge you possess is bound to benefit another person out there, whether it be blogging about your tried-and-true recipes, crafts, hobbies or made-for-sale items.
  • Share your love of books. I love to read.  I enjoy telling others about books that I believe will encourage or benefit them in some way.  I have several book reviews listed on my personal blog.
  • Share your love for animals. Show off your pets pics and funny stories!
  • Express your passion, whatever it may be!

I started out with the intention of sharing my goals, and it has blossomed into more than that!  I blog about personal goals, books I love, freebies and giveaways that I have entered or am hosting via my blog.

Happy Blogging!