Blogging Regrets

I have regrets. I have regrets with my choices in the blogging world.


One regret I have is entering too many giveaways.  I end up with stuff I really don't even need.  The biggest problem I encounter is not having anywhere to put the free goodies (aka clutter) once I receive them.

The solution to this is to first, only enter a giveaway for something that you will truly use.

Second, have a home ready for it, should you win it. 


The biggest regret I have is taking on something without prayer.

Choosing to review too many books in a given time can lead to reading 'cram sessions', where I don't enjoy the book's content.   Had I chosen only two books instead of five, I could've read at a much slower pace.

Choosing to participate in a workshop or something of the like.   Had I prayed, maybe I would've said no, because I don't really have the time necessary to complete the workshop's assignments, as required.  Also, had I prayed, maybe the Holy Spirit would've prompted me to ask more questions about the workshop's intent and be able to make a better decision about it.

I tend to take on too much.  I've learned through this that prayer will limit us, but that is a good thing. Taking on too much leads to stress, being cranky to our family, and going to work without any clean underwear on.  (Just kidding about the underwear, but it's gotten close!)


I love the blogging world and most of what it offers.  There are so many good things!  However, God wants us to choose the best.   There is plenty of good things out there, but we don't have the time for everything good thing,  so we must be selective!

Have a blessed, clutter-free, prayerful blogging day!