Using Prayer As Your Inspirational Source


As a regular contributor to a blog dedicated to Christian thinking, it is important to always be looking for sources of inspiration.  A vibrant prayer life, in addition to providing insight and solace, can also be a regular source of inspiration for your writing.  Here are a few tips for tapping into this great resource. Tip # 1:  Regular Prayer can lead to Flashes of Inspiration

You’ve heard it thousands of times, from your pastor, from your neighbors, and you know it’s true.  Spending regular time in conversation with God in prayer can help you learn how to listen to His will and Spirit.  You don’t have to spend hours per day, just a few minutes each morning, and perhaps some time in the evening.  Spend the time praying and then actively listening for a response.  By taking the time to really listen during prayer, you’ll be able to hear the ideas and inspiration that you are meant to share.

Tip # 2: Listen to Others in Your Prayer Group

God works through all, and uses and inspires all that are willing as conduits of His message.  Because of this, your friends, family and neighbors might have a different perspective and insights from their own prayer lives.  If you’re having trouble getting inspiration from your own specific prayers, consider talking with your friends about theirs.  There is always a chance that the conversation you have can bring an idea to the forefront.

Tip # 3:  Look to His Word

Sometimes, however, you might not know what or how to pray.  When this happens, it is a good idea to look for examples of prayer within the Bible.  Whether you look in Books of Matthew or John, or perhaps look to the Song of Songs, or even the Book of Judges, you’ll find numerous examples of the faithful prayers of days past.  Use these writings to jump-start your prayer life, and who knows, perhaps the Book of Malachi will provide you with just the right inspiration for the next blog installment.