A Few Ideas to Help Bring Prayer and Scripture into Your Blog Content

As a blog owner and Christian you try to make sure that everything you do on the Internet is a reflection of your true beliefs and convictions.  However, in today’s sometimes hostile Internet world, how do you promote your faith without alienating people?  Here are a few tips to help you bring prayer and even Scripture into your blog  content. Tip # 1:  Write What You Know

Like it or not, people love a story, especially if it is a personal one.  If there is a certain prayer that has become a beacon to you during a turbulent time in your life, it can possibly inspire someone else in a similar situation.  Use the prayer in a story, or a testimonial, and in doing so the blog content will not seem as preachy as if you simply listed the prayer alone.

Tip # 2:  Make the Scriptures Relatable

One of the main reasons why many non-Christians struggle with the idea of Christianity is because the Bible does not seem to be relevant to their modern lives.  The language of the Bible, the various stories, even the settings seem very far and away removed from the hustle and bustle of city life.

But as a Christian, you know that the words of the Bible are relatable to everyday life. If you find a way to take a few verses and show how they influenced your daily life, or how a character such as Lazarus or Nicodemus can be compared with a modern figure, you can go a long way to making the Bible more real.  One way to accomplish this is to take a few items from current events, and a few scriptures that deal directly with the subject at hand and draw the apparent connections.

It is important to remember that your blog is a reflection of who you are, and what you believe.  Therefore, act, as Christ would have you act, and say what He would have you say.  After all, until His return, you are his representative, both here and in the blog world.