Time Away


Whenever I go away for coffee by myself I am reminded of how much getting away for a while is good for one's soul. I come back from Mommy-time totally refreshed and ready for all the challenges that come from being a homemaker. Periods of stepping back and reassessing are necessary for me for blogging as well.

This hustle and bustle of the holiday season seems to affect many. Bloggers included, we are pressured to publish the perfect post with perfect pictures of our perfect homemade goodies. As with real life sometimes we all need to take a break. Even from blogging.

I want to encourage you to take a step back this Christmas season. Step away from the computer and revel in being with family. Forget posting for a day or two (or more!) and build those relationships. Make cookies with your grandchildren, take funny holiday pictures with your little ones, and make sure to kiss your hubby under the mistletoe at least once.

Above all, take a moment to hide away quietly beside your Christmas tree. Snuggle under a warm blanket and grab a cup of your favorite hot beverage. Pick up your Bible and read of the precious story of the first Christmas.

What a gift. Let us never forget!

Photo credit: bjearwicke