Introducing Kelly - A Faithful Bloggers Intern

My name is Kelly Mapes and I am a new intern for Faith Bloggers. I am very thankful to be taught by Courtney and to be able to use my gift of writing to bring others closer to the Lord and encourage people of all faiths. I am a happily married, 40 something, with three (almost) grown children. My youngest just left for college and I am faced with a new challenge in my life.... redefining myself. The Lord has been SOOO generous to me and is providing me with work and opportunities, (such as this one) to reach out and share some of the love that Jesus has POURED liberally into my life. I currently blog for the Times-Union in Albany NY but my heart is really about being able to lift people up and give them the courage to REST in their faith and then WATCH what God can do! I will treasure each and every one of your comments (even the negative ones!) I anticipate sharing a piece of myself with you and I pray that it inspires you to possess great faith and walk BOLDLY.

Yours Truly, Kelly Mapes Precious Daughter of the King of Kings :O)