If You Were Google

Today is a guest post from Luke at Wait4MyKing.com

Psalm 139:23-24 Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts: And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.

If God searched you today, what would He find? If God went to your search engine and wanted to know more about you, what would He read? Remember now, He's not surfing the web, He's searching you. Let's say God, one day, pulls up a chair and looks at His heavenly computer and decides to search your heart. What will He see?

Let's say He types in "Riches" and waits for your results. Would sports cars, money, and mansions show up under images? Or would, family, church, and heaven show up instead? What are true riches to you? How do you picture true riches? That's very important to God.

If God typed in "Pleasure" would drinks, women, and drugs show up on His screen? If it did, He would utterly destroy that thing and be sorrowful. He let's nothing vile into His heaven. It should be the same with us in our homes. Or would "Pleasure", under your definition, mean reading His Word, eating with friends, and loving your wife? That matters to Him too.

If He was to search your mind and type in "God" what would his eyes see. I'm afraid He would be heart broken if He did this to everyone. Based on the time you spent, the results would show from greatest to least. Would His picture be there? Would His Word be there, in a picture, under your eyes as you joyfully read it?

Would Jesus at this Cross be there in those results? Or would Facebook, Twitter, and Fox News be there? My friend we need a wake up call.

Ask God today to search your heart. Maybe He will find something there you wasn't even aware of. When He finds it, delete it immediately. With this search engine, once your forgiven, it's forgotten. But so many will die and wish they did delete the evil, but now can't. Don't let that be you today friend. Take this post to heart and ask God to search you. As He searches you, I pray he searches my Lukeoogle.

About Luke:

W4MK, Wait4MyKing, started with a heart full of words, in 2010, and had to be released. Still loving to write, Luke listens out for the next post as he lives and works in his normal life. His goals is to help those revive the drive as they face a struggling America. To realize choices today effect us tomorrow. The way he does this is by offering true inspiration in the purest from, share advice that can be applied in business, and to focus on family.
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Introducing Kelly - A Faithful Bloggers Intern

My name is Kelly Mapes and I am a new intern for Faith Bloggers. I am very thankful to be taught by Courtney and to be able to use my gift of writing to bring others closer to the Lord and encourage people of all faiths. I am a happily married, 40 something, with three (almost) grown children. My youngest just left for college and I am faced with a new challenge in my life.... redefining myself. The Lord has been SOOO generous to me and is providing me with work and opportunities, (such as this one) to reach out and share some of the love that Jesus has POURED liberally into my life. I currently blog for the Times-Union in Albany NY but my heart is really about being able to lift people up and give them the courage to REST in their faith and then WATCH what God can do! I will treasure each and every one of your comments (even the negative ones!) I anticipate sharing a piece of myself with you and I pray that it inspires you to possess great faith and walk BOLDLY.

Yours Truly, Kelly Mapes Precious Daughter of the King of Kings :O)

What Makes A Blogger A Christian Blogger?

What makes a blogger a Christian blogger?

Is it the the topic of their blog?  Do they have to blog specifically about religion or faith?  What about mom bloggers? Craft blogger?  Or even political bloggers?  Are bloggers only considered Christian bloggers if they tell their readers of their faith?

Here is my definition:

A Christian blogger is a blogger that puts God first in their blog.

There are many ways that a blogger can put God first in their blog.  And just because you may not see any faith related posts does not necessarily mean they are not a Christian blogger.  Of course if they are not writing about their faith it may not always be easy to tell.

What do you think makes a blogger a Christian blogger?