Thankful God Answers Prayers


Last Friday I met up with a good friend that I hadn't seen or talked to in a long while.  It was great.  Good Tex-Mex and great conversation. One of the topics we got on was about prayer and how awesome it is that God actually takes the time to listen to all our prayers and answer them.  Even prayers about our blogs and online businesses.

I shared with my about a specific prayer request I had and was answered.  In less then two weeks I am traveling to the NAMS conference in Atlanta, GA.  I'm pretty excited about it.  Got the conference ticket.  Bought the plane ticket.  But still needed a place to stay.  The original plan was to share a room with 3 other ladies  but last month all 3 of them decided not to go to the conference for different personal reasons.  Luckily, I found another set of roommates.  Please keep in mind, I did not want to room with someone I didn't know so I was being kind of picky.  These new roommates, I didn't know in real life but did know pretty well online.  However once again these ladies decided to stay home instead of attending the conference as planned.

So now I'm thinking, Lord, am I suppose to even go?  I can't afford the hotel room by myself for 5 days.  So I try to cancel my plane ticket.  Unsuccessful.  Stuck going.  Then I start praying.  Lord what is your will?  Am I suppose to go the conference, if so, please provide the money to pay for the hotel room by myself, or if not, please allow me to be able to get a refund on my plane ticket.

Guess what?  God answered my prayer and quickly.  Within two weeks I made enough extra money through my design job to completely pay for the hotel room.  God is good and He answers prayers!

Don't let anyone ever tell you prayer doesn't work.  It does! I'm living proof.

Thankful Thursday is being hosted this month by Women Taking a Stand