Support – Thankful Thursday

Last week I shared how I was so grateful for the friendships I have made through blogging.  It amazes me how many new sweet friends I continue to make.  This week I want to share how blessed I am to be supported in this so-called "hobby" of mine.

My husband has always given me encouragement and sage advice when it comes to blogging.  He doesn't quite understand the attraction that blogging has but that does not matter to him.  The joy and delight I get from it spurs him on to supporting me in my online endeavors.

It is rather awkward to talk about blogging with someone who does not "get" just quite what blogging is.  Recently I was on a flight and the gentleman next to me snickered when I told him I was flying to a blogging conference.  "Really?" he said. "Can't you guys just sit around at home on your computers and hold a tele-conference?"  I tried to explain to him how important it was to group together and have that support once in a while.  To be in a crowd that knows why you do what you do.  It wasn't only until he saw on his Blackberry that some people make livings off of blogging that his smirk left his face.

So on this Thankful Thursday, I encourage you to thank God for those who support you in blogging.  What are you thankful for today?  For more stories, visit Spiritually Unequal Marriage.