Review a Book for FIRST Wild Card Tours

FIRST stands for Fiction in Rather Short Takes.  However, FIRST Wild Card Tours offers more than fiction.  I've reviewed books of different genres for FIRST.  So far, I've reviewed the following FIRST books:

Bible Study / Spiritual Growth

Biography / Cooking

Christian Fiction

Physical Health / Diet

Working Women

Visit the reviews I've written (see above) or some other bloggers who have reviewed for FIRST to see how book reviews are written:

My Friend Amy reviews The First Escape by GP Taylor

Mom Two Ways reviews Flirting with Faith by Joan Ball and Power PraiseMoves™ DVD by Laurette Willis

A Peek at My Bookshelf review It's All About Us by Shelley Adina and Played: Pure by Rebecca St. James

After you've signed up via FIRST's Yahoo group, you'll receive an email each time they have an upcoming book tour.  Each email contains instructions to sign up to receive the book.  (Basically, you email your request to the given email address within the post.)  Sometimes they offer pdf books, as well as hard copies.   Be sure to read the blog tour site's guidelines and requirements before requesting your first book.

Not everybody is approved, since there are a limited about of books.  However, I have received more than 75% of the books I've requested.

If approved, you're name will be included in the list they send out.  Once you receive the book,  add the tour date to your calendar and begin reading the book.  The day before the tour is to be posted, you'll receive  HTML to include in your blog post.  Add it, then insert your honest review.

Stay tuned for the next featured site to request books to read and review.  If you are interested in reviewing books at no cost to you, check out my previous post So, You Want to Review Books for the 5 steps.

Happy Reading!