Opportunity - Thankful Thursday

I realized the other day that blogging has opened up opportunities to me that I would never have been able to have otherwise:  I have met wonderful women and formed precious friendships.  Recently I also was asked to do a guest post, a first for me.  I have been blessed with a support system that is critical for me.  Experience in writing on a more professional level and learning about topics that I am passionate about is another benefit. Obviously blogging is not the reason for all of this but only the means.  God chose this avenue to fill holes in my life that were always blaringly apparent to me. And for this I am so thankful!

I have also seen and known women who have gotten a job, started a business, and become the basis for a movie because of their love for blogging.  Would you please share with us what opportunities have become open to you because of blogging?  I'd love to hear all about them!

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