Online Ministry - Is Your Blog Your Ministry?

People blog for different reasons.  Some say it is their hobby, their business, and many Christians claim it is their ministry.  Is your blog your ministry? What does it mean to have a ministry?

When people think of a ministry they usually think of a church, missionaries, Vacation Bible School, the bus workers, etc.  Some think of those who write books, speak, sing, and run Christian conferences when giving examples of a ministry.  A ministry can came in many different forms and fashions including the form of an online blog.

According to Acts 6:4, simply put, a ministry is the action of spreading God’s word. “But we will give ourselves continually to prayer, and to the ministry of the word.”

In my own opinion, though, a ministry takes more than just quoting Bible verses.  It takes love, passion, and devotion.

  1. Love – In order have a ministry, online or offline, you have to have a love for Christ.
  2. Passion – You must have a passion to show God’s love to others
  3. Devotion – You must be willing to devote your time and resources to the ministry.

How can a blog be a ministry?

If you share the word of God on your blog, your blog could be considered a ministry.  Now there are a lot of different ways you can share the word of God online.

Usually when someone thinks about an online ministry, they probably think about devotions.  There are thousands of devotional blogs online and many of them are a true ministry. Anyone can post a devotional online, but that doesn’t mean they are running a ministry.  As I stated earlier, a ministry, takes love, passion, and devotion and while many bloggers have good intentions, they just don’t follow through.

Of course, devotions are not the only type of blog a ministry can be.  You could create a blog on almost any topic and as long as you are using sharing the word of God, you could turn it into a ministry.

Why do you blog?

Is it for hobby, fun, business, or ministry? Perhaps it’s a mixture of all of those.    It’s important to know why you blog.  It will help you keep focus on the purpose and give you the ability to give your readers the information they are seeking.  So what is the purpose of your blog?