How to Become an A-List Blogger: Prioritizing Your Blog

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“I’ve got laundry and groceries down. Got it all figured out,” my friend said when I asked how she manages to get it all done.

“You do? Well, tell me!” I was eager to hear her technique.

“Well, my parents pick up the kids for church on Sunday mornings. That’s when I do the laundry and then do my grocery shopping.”

“Oh,” I said, disappointed that hers was one “technique” that I wouldn’t use.

Priorities, Priorites

Church attendance is a non-negotiable for me. But by skipping church, my friend gets her laundry and shopping done. That’s how she’s chosen to prioritize her schedule and responsibilities.

We all must make those same types of decisions with the time, energy, and resources God gives us. In other words, making “room” for something means something else has got to go.

I would never sacrifice church to get the chores done, but sometimes I’m convicted that choices I make about my blogging and online time may not advance—and sometimes hinder—my growing in the Lord.

Put Your Blog in Its Proper Place

Your blog is a blessing and gift. It is not to be an idol. It is not to distract you from your primary responsibilities.

When I get flustered about my “blogger status” or the “future” of my blog, I have to pull back and put it all into perspective. We must remind ourselves that:

  • Our priorities are to: God, husband, family, the Church, and all the rest. More often than I care to admit, “all the rest” floats to first position.
  • You can"t do it all. You aren"t perfect and are not Super-Woman. Nobody is.
  • The so-called A-List Bloggers have made different choices than you have. Not that those choices are necessarily good or bad, but they are different. Because they spend many hours each day online, these women sacrifice something in their lives. Something. It may be a television show or a clean bathroom, but something is not being done.
  • As Christians, we have those non-negotiables that must not be sacrificed. Spending time alone with God, loving your husband, taking care of your family, participating in corporate worship—all of these are distinct calls to the Christian wife and mother. To compromise in any of these areas in the pursuit of an "A-list blog" may be a red flag for you. Take a close look at your motivation and see if blogging is becoming an idol.
  • Blogging is not bad. Writing a blog that has hundreds of readers is not bad. In fact, blogging is good!


Now that you've discerned God"s call for your blog and you've got your priorities straight, you"d still like to grow your blog.

Tomorrow, we"ll look at some practical tips for increasing your online presence and readership while always keeping your primary responsibilities and glorifying God your top priorities.