How to Become an A-List Blogger

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If you were reading here to find the magical solution to writing great content, becoming a technical pro, or amassing huge amounts of subscribers and followers on Twitter and Facebook, then you’ll be disappointed.

But I hope you won’t be disappointed when I tell you that--even if your content won’t win a Pulitzer, you don’t know what SEO or HTML mean, and the only people who read your blog are your best friend and your mom--you’re already an A-List blogger.

You read that right.

You are already an A-List Blogger.

Trying to Fit In

We’ve all been there, trying to find our place and feeling unpopular in the blogosphere.

Sometimes, joining  a Twitter conversation feels a little like your being the shy freshman wanting to hang with the popular senior cheerleaders. Maybe you just admire the so-called A-Listers, because they must be doing something right to have the steady traffic and buzz around their blogs. And well, you want to do it "right," because after all, you want people to read your blog.

But maybe you’re discouraged. Do you question that you’ve got what it takes to have a successful blog? Do you wonder, why bother?

You and Your Blog Matter

Personally, I"ve covered every one of these emotions: zealous enthusiasm, covetousness, and apathy.

I have found a certain freedom, though, in reminding myself of what I know to be true:

In God’s economy, we are all A-List Bloggers.

We are Christians who blog, and the blogosphere is just another aspect of “the world.”

We are called to go into the world as representatives of Christ. The same truths apply to us in the blogosphere as in our private lives.

I’m not sure why we feel intimidated by other bloggers—especially Christian women bloggers—who seem to have “successful” blogs. I think it has something to do with the way we tie "holiness" to perceived success. I tend to feel that if I"m not as "successful" with my activities (parenting, hobbies, or blogging, for example) as my friend, then somehow I"m falling short in the Christian living department.

In Christ, we are all guaranteed the same inheritance (Ephesians 1) and set apart for holy purposes (2 Timothy 2).

Of course your blog matters! It matters because it"s an extension of your witness of Christ.

Living the Truth

How can we better grasp these truths? Consider these ideas:

  1. Earnestly seek God’s plan for your blog. Ask him how he would like it to be used to bless and minister to you, your family, your readers. Ask your husband how he sees it fitting into your family. Ask your readers why they read your blog and what is a blessing to them. Pray for and about your blog.
  2. Once you discover God’s plan, accept it. The plans and goals for your blog may be limited to updates three times each week with pictures of the kids so their grandparents are blessed. God, however, may desire your blog be a central hub for inspirational writings and a prayer ministry. Approach the Lord with open hands, an open mind, and an open heart to determine his plan for you.
  3. Read others’ blogs but turn off the comparisons. I have to do this with mothering. I am so quick to fall into the I-want-to-be-like-her trap. That’s sin, though. If you can’t read others’ blogs without being critical of yourself or losing sight of your goals, then maybe you should stop reading (at least for awhile). God has made other women with unique gifts and situations to unfold his purposes for them. God has given you specific gifts and situations so that only you can work the plan he has for you!
  4. Blog to the glory of God. This doesn’t mean every post has to be an Oswald Chambers devotion. On the contrary! Even the most “mundane” of tasks is mentioned in Scripture as bringing glory to God. Paul says our eating and our drinking should glorify God. I’d say a mommy blog about cooking and changing diapers and loving your husband would be an excellent place to display the glory of the Lord. Your blog can be a testimony of God’s grace as you carry out his calling for you.


We"ll discuss putting your blog in its proper place. How do you (or should you) make decisions about the way your blog fits into your life? Are you motivated by seeking notoriety or by seeking God first?