Have Fun Reading Blogs

I recently posted about a way to keep your blog fresh and active without spending hours writing a post – content curation.  I’ve spent some time this past week adding blogs to my Feedly account, reading some great blog posts, and scheduling some curation posts for the future. As an added bonus I have so many great new blogs to follow!  I have lots of interest, everything from WordPress, blogging, and web design to parenting and health.  My Feedly account has a lot of new blogs now and it’s such a great thing!


I didn’t realize how much I wasn’t reading other blogs.  I got so caught up in my own blogs I forgot how important it is to read other blogs.  It helps you to stay up-to-date on what’s going on in your niche and it helps you to stay connected to those in your niche.  Read and commenting on blogs are still a great way to connect with other bloggers and to develop relationships that can be mutually beneficial.

I had forgotten how fun it is to discover new blogs and the excitement it brings by leaving comments and getting a response back. Taking Kelly’s Smart Curation Skills course brought that fun back!

Here are some tips to make reading blogs fun:

  1. Only read blogs with content you enjoy.  Be picky.  You can only read so many blog posts in a day, make them count and don’t waste your time following blogs with content you don’t even enjoy reading.
  2. Share! Share! Share! – If you read an enjoyable post share with others.  You can share it through social media with a Facebook like, or Tweet, or if it has a pretty graphic too pin it on Pinterest.  Or you can use content curation and share it with your blog readers.  It’s so much fun sharing great content with others who you know will enjoy it too.
  3. Keep the blogs you read organized.  As I mentioned earlier, I use Feedly to read blogs.  It allows me to categorize the blogs and also assign tags to them as well.  This way I don’t feel pressured to read all the blog posts in Feedly at once.  When I have 10 minutes, I check into Feedly and just read new blog posts from one category.  This way I’m not reading blogs all day but still have time to enjoy the posts I do read.