Daily Posting - Monday's Challenge!


How did you do on last week's challenge? Were you able to comment daily on the same five (or more!) blogs? Commenting on a regular basis is one way to grow relationships with other bloggers.  If you would, please write a post describing how this challenge went for you. Did you find it hard? Easy? Will you continue to do this on a regular basis? Once you are done, link that post up to the Mr. Linky below! I would love to hear about your experience!

This week's challenge is almost as important! One way to keep yourself motivated in blogging is to post daily. This also encourages people who stop by your blog to continue to visit. I do this myself and have noticed a huge improvement in traffic as well as more loyal commenters.  Go ahead and take a piece of paper. Write down at least the days Monday through Friday. In each day's slot jot down what you plan on writing about.

This may be hard to do at first though for some of those more "chatty" this may be easy peasy.

Make sure to come back next Monday to share how this daily posting challenge went!  Also, we still do not have a Monday's Challenge badge to provide you with. We are working on that and will post it as soon as we are able to.