Being Who God Made You to Be


One blessing of being part of God's family is that we are able to use our God-given gifts and talents for His glory. Some of us have the talent of hospitality or encouragement or service. Others are able to write effectively or paint or decorate a home beautifully. Whatever your gift is we all have them. Not one of us was made the same as another. As individuals we are truly uniquely different from any other human being.

Questions is: Have you brought that uniqueness into blogging?

If you remember my previous post on not being popular you will recall that I talked about how as Christians we probably will not be the most popular bloggers around. It is hard to not want to "be like everybody else." We want to be funny like one blogger, witty like another, a great photographer, or write in a way that makes people tweeting about it all over the place. Those things get attention and attention can make us feel good. But if we are not blogging in the style that God created us to, then really we are just being fake.

You will hear all over the place about "authenticity." But did you know that being truly authentic is really following in the path that God set for you? He wants you to use your gifts to glorify Him. Setting those aside for what you may think is better is shunning who He made you to be. Blog posts that are not a true reflection of who God made you to be reflects poorly on you and your Creator.

I recently decided to overhaul my blog. I had struggled for some time on just what kind of blogger I really was. While I have been blogging for over five years now I still hadn't quite found my niche. I felt discouraged and I did not know which direction I should take my blog. Inevitably it came about that God used some dear friends of mine to remind me to write about things that I cared about and did and what God had put in my life. I was trying to be someone different. Someone whom God had not made me to be. Of course I struggled and I still laugh at myself about that.

If you are feeling down and discouraged about blogging take a step back and examine your life. Are you truly writing in the way that you were made to write? Pray about it and ask God if you have stepped outside of the gifts He gave you. Ask a friend if you are being authentic or if you are putting on a front.

He made you different and it is wonderful.

Photo credits: Hamed Saber