You will not be left behind

Then Jesus said to him, "Get up! Pick up your mat and walk." John 5:8

In John chapter 5, we read a story of a sick man. It's a story we have been listening to since our Sunday school time. This man had been laying at the pool of Bethesda for a very long time. He probably spent the best part of life in despair and in a hopeless situation as he had been sick for 38 years. He was lying on a porch waiting for the moving of the water, but whenever the angel came down into the pool and stirred up the water, somebody always stepped down before him. He missed out last 38 chances to be healed. After waiting for so long and being disappointed each time, he probably gave up on himself. There was no one to help take him into the pool. He probably was tired of waiting for a miracle for himself. When Jesus saw him lying there and knew that he already had been in that condition for a long time, Jesus asked him if he really wanted to get well.

Expecting a miracle can be so challenging when we have waited for a quite long time being in a same condition. It’s very easy to believe that nothing will ever change; we will remain the same. We kind of find a compromise with our crisis. We give up on our lives, our dreams, and probably even we give up on God. It looks like we are just fine with our crisis. We let it go. It doesn't seem like we ever want a change, a miracle or a blessing from God.

He says to Jesus that he has no one to help him into the pool when the water is stirred. While he is trying to get in, someone else goes down ahead of him. Many times we blame other people for our inability, our lack of progress and our problems. Other people goes ahead of us and we remain in the same situation. Someone else is promoted and we are often miss out on opportunities.

Dear friend, I don't know which crisis you are struggling with for a long time. You may feel like giving up, feel like compromising with it and feel like there is no hope, no one is there to help you out. You have missed out on many opportunities. Others have gone ahead of you and you remain in the same situation. It may look like you are just fine with your adversity.

Let me encourage you today. You will not be left behind. God is the one who defines your destiny. He has the answer for you. His ways are higher than our ways. In His time He will raise you up. You are probably still waiting for someone else to help you get into the pool, but the Lord himself will visit you. You were not created to drag through life constantly. He will raise you out of lack into abundance, out of sickness into healing, out of sorrows into happiness, out of curse into blessing and out of despair into His joy and peace. Hold on to your faith!


Submitted by: Elizabeth Livingston

I am Elizabeth Livingston. I love to share about Jesus and His Word to encourage others build their strong faith in Him in the midst of their challenges. I believe God has unique plans for each one of us and when we trust His promises for our lives, we can live a thriving life which brings Him glory. I am a wife, mother and a budding writer who wants to contribute her gifts to further God’s kingdom. I live in Trivandrum, Kerala the southern part of India.

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