Nancy E. Head


Christian accord is not a fuzzy sort of melding of Christian traditions.  Just as Christians of various traditions have come together to influence the hearts and minds of Americans regarding the issue of abortion, we can come together to honor Christ and minister in our communities and nation.  Many of our nation’s laws no longer reflect the Judeo-Christian ethic our founders embraced.  Decades ago, the state removed God from our classrooms.  Abortion became legal until birth.  Same sex marriage is now the law of the land, and religious freedom is in jeopardy.  Our accord is useless if our agenda is only political.  This effort is not aimed at changing laws.  We must change hearts, and we can only do that through loving ministry.

Our effectiveness in changing minds about abortion is measurable in the reduced numbers of abortions we consistently see across the land.  It is immeasurable in that we can never know how many children are alive because of changed hearts and how many parents avoided the wounds abortion produces.  Acting in love and speaking the truth, we can change hearts and lives–even if our laws never change.

Submitted by: Nancy E. Head