Why Should Christians Blog?

Bible Many people have a blog these days.  For some it is a way to express themselves and for others a blog is a way to keep friends and relatives informed of what is going on in their lives.  Some like to share their knowledge via blog posts and others just try it to “see what the fuss is about.”  Many label blogging as a “hobby.” For me, blogging started as a continuation of my passion for writing that I had in my college days.

To me, blogging has become more: It has become a mission field.  As with any part of our lives, we are called to be salt and light to a watching world.  Our need for a Savior is noticeable even on the Internet. Unfortunately, this seems to be uncharted territory for many Christians.  For many, spending time on the Internet is seen as a waste of time. I feel we are missing an opportunity to witness if we ignore something that has become such a huge part of our everyday lives.

When I first started blogging I tended to stay within my comfort zone.  I visited blogs of likeminded women who shared similar interests.  Over the years I became aware that Christian women bloggers who blogged without being ashamed of the Gospel were far and few between.  Many claimed to be Christian but their posts reflected anything but.

Christian bloggers have a gold mine of potential mission fieldwork all at their fingertips.  Boot up your computer and you have the ability to influence many for the sake of Him who died for us.  Posting on your personal blog can show Christ’s love without even needing to quote a Bible verse (though that is certainly preferable!).  Our words can show anger or love, lack of control or gentleness, foolishness or wisdom, pride or humility.  People do notice and some might even stop to ponder “Just what is it that makes her different from everybody else?”

Many of us are good bloggers.  Some of us are quite talented.  What better way to glorify Him who loves us than by evidencing our Christian walk through our gift of writing?  We are speaking and people are listening.  Let’s remember that we are all missionaries.

-Kelly @ Wisdom Begun

Photo courtesy: abcdz2000