Why Do You Blog?

Why do you blog?  If you own a blog, it’s a really important question to ask yourself.  When I first started blogging back in 2006, I wouldn’t have been able to give you a good answer.  I didn’t know the answer. I created my first blog on a whim.  No forethought.  No prayer.  No research.  I didn’t even read other blogs at that time.  It was such a “in the heat of the moment” type of thing for me. That blog didn’t last very long.  As it turned out, the topic I chose wasn’t something I was all that interested in.

When I started I didn’t realize all that went into blogging.  How much work it takes, especially if you are hoping to make some money by blogging.

My next blog had more thought.  More planning.  More research.  It was much more  successful.  I had a large readership, great traffic, and was making a pretty good chunk of change from it each month.  But something was missing, I wasn’t enjoying it.  I didn’t love blogging or even really like it at this point.

Know what was missing?  God.  Once I realized that God had to be a part of my online world just as He in my ‘real’ world, everything changed.  I sold my second blog and after much prayer, research, and planning started Faithful Bloggers.

Now I can answer that question - why do you blog?  I blog because it is the path God has laid in front of me.  I blog because it’s fun and it’s something I enjoy.  I blog because it allows me to bring in some extra income for my family.

Why do you blog?



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