Where do you get inspiration?

Where do you get inspiration for posts on your blog?  For me it's from a number of different places but here are a few them:

  1. Church services - Almost every Sunday while I'm sitting in church service taking notes on the Preacher's message, I think about how that can also be applied to blogging and life online.  I have a whole notebook filled with post ideas just from past sermons.
  2. Personal Bible study - It's the same as church services, many of the studies and devotionals I read can easily be applied to blogging, business, or online life.
  3. Other blogs - A lot of my ideas also come from reading other blogs.  They might touch on a topic that I think needs expanding on or if it's not a Christian based blog, I'll write about the same topic but from a Christian point of view.
  4. Comments - I always read the comments left on my blog.  Many times I get blog post ideas based on questions or suggestions left in the comments.

Where do you get your inspiration?  Leave a comment and let us know.