Using Prayer to Defeat Writer’s Block

Prayer to Help Writer's BlockIt is the bane of every writer. That dreaded sensation, staring at a pristine page of white, knowing full well that the words to fill them are somewhere, just out of your reach. Writer’s block is not a myth, or an excuse for missing deadlines, but rather a real, and very frustrating part of the writer’s life.

There are many ways to deal with it, to combat it. Some write nonsense, hoping the sheer number of words will break the wall done. Others switch to other subjects in the hope of returning with fresh viewpoints. One method of fighting writer’s block is through the use of prayer.

For some, especially those who have been writing for some time, hearing their own voice, it can be hard for God to get their attention. It could be that the writer’s block that you are experience could be His way of saying “Hey! I’ve got something to tell you!” So when your own voice has run it’s course, and you don’t know what to say, stop and say a little prayer. Don’t ask for your voice back, but simply ask Him what he wants you to say on his behalf. Sometimes it will come a few seconds later. Or it might take a little while longer. The trick is to use prayer to re-focus your mind, and your spirit onto Him, and not your struggles.

Prayer can also be a great way to remove you from the situation, and return to it with new and refreshed eyes. When you’re not sure what to write, often God can provide you with a new perspective through prayer. Take the time to read and study a few passages of scripture, and asking Him to change your viewpoint, to help you see what is hidden. More often than not, you’ll come out of prayer with a brand new idea, or an older one that has been changed and renewed.

Whatever the real reason for your writer’s block, prayer can be an effective tool for removing this pesky stumbling block. Give it a try. With God as your inspiration, no block is too big.