Use Facebook to Grow Your Blog

A friend and fellow blogger told me the other day that, in her opinion, Facebook is like the "Cheetos of social media." I think she's on to something.

Facebook is tempting and tasty, fun and filling. Only after you've logged hours on the site do you have a stomachache and orange fingers.

Facebook, like all social media, can be a helpful tool in growing your blog. Moreover, I have witnessed incredible ministry happen on that platform.

I had a friend who was trapped in the ruins of the Hotel Montana after the Haiti earthquake last month. Facebook was my primary connection to updates on recovery of his body and ways to pray for his family. Truly, my faith was strengthened through the power of words expressed by complete strangers brought together for a common purpose on Facebook.

One Sunday, our local church service was canceled due to inclement weather. A friend organized an impromptu "church service" on Facebook, where several of us discussed Scripture.

I follow several pastors' pages and get daily edification from their posts.

Tread with caution, though. Facebook can be a wasteland of sorts, where every person you've ever known from infancy on is tending farms and sending hearts. Indeed, Facebook can suck away all of your free time.

Facebook, too, has a powerful ability to remove filters. I have found that there, people have a tendency to say what's on their minds with little regard for the way their messages are received. I have been hurt by the words and actions of so-called "friends."

How Facebook Can Be Useful to You

  • Obviously, all of your "friends" will see your posts in their feed. Use your updates to pique readers' interest about your blog. I find that most of my Facebook friends are eager to read my blog because they know me in real life.
  • Create a Facebook fan page for your blog. Persons who you do not want to "friend" can still receive your blog's feed.
  • Use the Networked Blogs feature to send blog posts directly into your friends' feeds.

How do you use Facebook to grow your blog? How do you guard against wasting time on Facebook?

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