Content For Your Blog

You hear it all the time "content is king" when it comes to blogging.  I disagree, the Lord is my King, even over my blog.  But the general idea is that content is important and with that I agree.  You create content and your readers come back looking for more content.  Most of us assume content has be to written and while that is usually the most common type of content you see online, there is more than the written word. Just ask Jendi of Simple Vlogging Tips.  Her blog is mostly video based but she does supplement with written blog posts as well.  Videos can help make your more approachable and gives your readers a glimpse of who you really are.  I haven't done much in regards to videos but do plan on changing that.  I even have a group project in mind involving video that would be similar to the group writing project we just completed.

Podcasts and audio downloads are also another option when creating content.  You can record a devotion or a blog post or article and allow your readers to download it.  You can even offer it through iTunes to reach a greater audience.  What I like about audios and podcasts is that I can download them to my phone and then listen when I'm in the car driving or when I'm running and exercising.

At lot of times photos can convey more than words.  Using a free tools such as SlideRoll or PhotoSnack you can easily create a slideshow to showcase your photos in a fun way.

The important thing is that you consistently provide your readers with information that they enjoy or can benefit from.

Do you incorporate video or audio on your blog?  How so and leave a link so we can come check it out.