Popular Google Web Fonts

Content We Love Last night I posted a video on how to add Google Fonts to your blog and this morning I found an article listing the 10 most popular Google Web Fonts!

Pete Prestipino hits the nail on the head when he says,

"There's no shortage of "trends' that Web designers must pay attention to, but few are more practical - and impactful - than the use of Web fonts."

Check out the list of the 10 most popular Google Web Fonts and let Website Magazine know which one is your favorite.

Free Images For Your Blog

Content We Love

Every blog post you publish should include an image that fits your chosen topic.  It helps to keep the reader interested and to break up the text.  The problem is that purchasing images can you can use gets expensive quickly.  Plus you have to keep copyright issues in mind.  You can"t just go do a Google image search and just any image you find.  That"s why I found, Top 10 Places to Find Free Stock Images For Your WordPress Site by Sarah Gooding at WPMU.org, to be a great resource.

Sarah lists online casino some great sites to find free image you can use and says

"Given that WordPress powers roughly 19% of the web, many of these image services have accompanying WordPress plugins to make it easy for publishers to find and post images. We’ll make note of those wherever available."

Of course being a WordPress enthusiast, this caught my attention!  So go check it out and find a great image to use with your next post!

Staying Inspired

Content We Love Do you ever suffer from blogger burnout?  You ever just get the point where you can't find a topic or the words needed to write a blog post?  Or maybe you just don't care anymore.  You don't care if you write that next blog post or you don't care if you don't spend anytime marketing your blog.  For me, when this happens it's because I'm not feeling inspired

Darren Rouse at ProBlogger recently wrote a post about this very thing.  He says,

"When I’m not inspired, I find it very difficult to be creative or generate ideas."

I agree 100% - I am the same way.  In his post, 9 Ways to Keep You Fresh, Inspired, and Creative, Darren lists the ways he keeps inspired and avoids blogger burnout.  These are some great tips that I know all of can use.