Discover Your Blog's Purpose: To Encourage

Closeup portrait of hands showing thumbs up sign

Maybe you've been blogging for a few months now and are bored.

Or stuck. Or distracted.

You'd like your blog to be something more, except you can't quite put your finger on exactly what that is.

I want to challenge you to intentionally seek to define your blog's purpose.

As a Christian who blogs, your primary purpose should be to glorify God (as is our primary purpose for all that we do).

But exactly how can your blog glorify God?

This week, we'll highlight three specific missions for your writing that are unique to blogs by Christians.

You may want to devote a specific day each week for each "purpose" with targeted posts or simply keep them as an underlying standard for everything you write.

Writing with a purpose in mind keeps your writing focused and effective.

Today we'll look at the gift of encouragement.

Has God called you and your blog to a ministry of encouragement?

Some ways that your blog can encourage others:

  • Sharing your trials and triumphs of experiences that are common to your readers
  • Writing about ways God has blessed you, revealed an answer to you, and/or answered your prayers
  • Emphasizing the significance of otherwise "mundane" tasks and events
  • Posting your favorite Scripture verses and what they mean to you
  • Highlighting experiences of women from Christian and church history

How does your blog encourage others? What types of posts encourage those who need to be lifted up? In what areas do you see today's Christian woman needing the most encouragement? How can your writing help?