Discover Your Blog’s Purpose: To Educate

A red apple on a book of blue color.

Yesterday we discussed focusing your blog's purpose towards a ministry of encouragement.

Today, let's look at the purpose of education.

Maybe you've never thought yourself much of a teacher, but don't sell your blog short. Your readers can learn a lot from your insights and experiences. You can also create an atmosphere at your blog where your readers learn from each other.

Has God called you and your blog to a ministry of education?

Some ways that your blog can educate others:

  • Host Bible studies by making "assignments" from a Scripture selection. Discuss your thoughts and insights on the Scripture, then invite comments from your readers. Continue until you've studied an entire book of the Bible.
  • Host book studies and discussions. Choose a favorite book (either Christian or non-Christian) and post discussion questions. Engage in conversation about the book's objectives and themes. If the book is not a Christian book, ask your readers to make contrasts and comparisons to Christianity, find Christian symbolism, and so on.
  • Explore church history with your readers.
  • Write about today's culture from a Christian worldview. Tackle tough topics (politics, entertainment, money, etc.), offering ways to navigate today's world while living biblically.
  • Offer your readers a steady stream of your favorite Christian websites. These can be in your particular area of interest (sermons, homeschooling, devotions, etc.) or from multiple topics. Do some research and give your readers suggested sites that will teach them something new.

How does your blog educate others?