Comment Love - Weekly Challenge

Starting today you will find every Monday a new challenge. These challenges will help you in building up a strong blog. While the badge for this challenge is not yet ready for us to put up, we will provide it very soon. Next week will feature a new challenge. On that day you can put up a post describing how the previous week's challenge went and if you were able to accomplish your goals. Today's challenge is:

Comment daily on five blogs!

That's it! And while it is a relatively simple challenge, if you are not currently commenting on blogs regularly this is the perfect way to "make a presence" in the blogosphere. All you need to do today is pick five blogs and leave them a comment every day for the next week. Make sure you comment on the same five blogs and don't just pick five new blogs every day. Also, if you are already doing this - and I believe many of the Faithful Bloggers are - up your current daily comments by 2. That means if you are currently commenting on the same 7 blogs every day you should start the challenge at 9. [blenza_autolink]