Blogging A-Z - A for Article Marketing


If you are looking to find new readers and increase traffic to your blog, you should try article marketing.  I know a lot of people claim article marketing is dead, but I have great results with it. What is Article Marketing?

Article marketing is when you write an article and then submit it to various article directories on the Internet.

Article directories are depository for publishers to find free articles for use on their websites, blogs, newsletter, e-zines, etc.  The catch is that they have to use the article as is and they must include the author bio and links.  Once you submit your article to directories, publishers find it and publish it on their sites while linking to you.  Not only do you get the link back to your blog, but hopefully traffic from it too.

I have been using article marketing as my primary method of marketing for Christian Mom PLR.  While my numbers don"t double or triple, I do see a study rise in traffic and sales.

Article marketing can also be used to brand yourself as an expert on a topic.  The more you write and publish on a certain topic, the more people will see you as an expert.

Here are a few article directories I'm familiar with:

There are tons of them out there. A quick Google search for Article Directories and the first resource mentioned is a site that lists the top 50 article directory sites. (If you choose to use any of them, be sure to check them out first and make sure you follow their rules.)

Have you ever tired article marketing?  If not, what"s stopping you?

Help Writing Blog Posts Consistently

For some writing comes very naturally.  For others it takes a lot of time and hard work to just write one blog post.  If you are one of those bloggers who struggles to write consistently, then blogging daily can be a daunting task.  Even the best writer can suffer from writer's block and have moments when they are unable to create new content.  Here are tips that can help you when overwhelmed with writing blog posts.

  1. Pray & Ask For Guidance. Ask the Lord to give you the words you need to write your posts.  Pray before you start typing or even start thinking about a possible topic.  If the Lord has given you a topic to write on, it will usually be easier to actually write the post.  I know that is not the case in all instances but prayer and guidance from the Lord does help.
  2. Write In Advance. One way to avoid the writing blues is to do all of your writing at one time.  If you publish 5 blog posts a week set aside one day each week to do nothing but write those 5 posts.  Once you have them written, you can then schedule them to be posted on a certain date.  This way you have fresh content being posted everyday on your blog but you are actually only writing once a week.
  3. Write Less. If you are having trouble writing posts for everyday of the week consistently, consider just writing less. Instead of writing 5 blog posts a week, just write 3 and then have a guest blogger post on 2 days.  Guest posts are great in the fact that not only do they give you a break from writing, but they can also offer a fresh perspective on certain topics.    It can be good a thing to give your blog readers a little variety and different views.
  4. Use PLR To Get Fresh Ideas. PLR stands for Private Label Rights and basically means that you have the right to use the articles as your own.  You can edit the article and then use it as a blog post.  The great thing about using PLR articles is that the data is already in front of you – all you have to do is rewrite the information that is already there.   This saves time because you do not have to brainstorm blog post ideas or do the research.  It is already done for you.
  5. Article Directories. If all else fails you can find some free reprint articles in your niche.  Places like EZineArticles is one resource to find free articles that you can post on your blog as long as you leave the author bio intact.

Of course these are just a few ideas to help you keep your blog updated with fresh content on a consistent basis.  How do you keep your blog fresh with content?