Christian Ad Networks

Last week I wrote a post about affiliate marketing and Mary from The Writer's Block left a great comment and question.  Instead of just answering her question as a comment, I though I would just do a post instead. Her comment and question:

I have a question about Google ads. I have that on my blog. Since I blog about Christian themes, occasionally, Google ads will post “Christian-related” ads. Well, I clicked on one of these one time. I had some serious issues with the theological and doctrinal slant of this “church.”

So, I put a disclaimer on my blog, saying I do not necessarily endorse the theology represented in those ads. Is there any way to filter the Google ads? Any other ideas of a good way to handle this?

Yes you can filter ads on Google Adsense.  However, it is only on a domain by domain basis.  You have to actually list the domains you want to ban from being displayed on your site.  This can be very time consuming as there could literally be thousands of sites you would want filtered out.

Something you might consider using instead of Google Adsense is a Christian based ad network.  I have not actually used any Christian ad networks but a quick search on Google gave me a few results and places to check out.  I have listed a them here:

  1. Christian Ad Network
  2. Faith Ad Net (I actually applied for this one but haven't heard back yet.)
  3. Christian Web Ads
  4. Cross Ads (I applied for this one too)

Let me know if you apply to any of the networks listed and let us know how your experience with the company goes.