Christian Tweeters

8Are you looking for Christian twitters to follow?  I always am.  Over the weekend I saw someone tweet about Twellowship and thought I would give it a try.  Basically by signing up you agree to follow all the "VIP" members and 20 other members that have signed up.  Supposedly all the members are Christians. Signing up was easy to do, just enter your Twitter username and password.  You are then presented with a page that allows you to automatically follow the required members.  After you have follow the required number of members your Twitter profile now appears as an option for new members to follow.

The "VIP" membership is a paid option that guarantees you new followers.  You are basically paying for followers and that is not something I will do.  But as a regular member there is not a payment required but you are allowing Twellowship to send tweets out of your account every Friday about Twellowship.  I didn't care for this either.  To not have the automatic tweets sent you have to upgrade to the "VIP" membership or close your account.

I like the idea of the Twellowship but don't really care for the way it has been executed.  Have you used it and if so, what's your opinion?