Create a Media Kit for Your Blog

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Besides discovering a natural niche for my blog, I have another bloggy item on my to-do list following this year's Blissdom '10 conference: create a media kit.

Conversation about having a media kit began at lunch on the first day of the conference with Faithful Bloggers co-founder Kelly from Wisdom Begun. She gave me a great list of media kit must-haves. Simple Mom, Tsh Oxenreider, also spoke in one of the sessions about the importance of a good media kit.

Create a Media Kit for Your Blog

One of the best ways to create your own media kit is to study others. Simple Mom's media kit was touted at Blissdom as a great example of what to do. I would agree; the media kit is attractive, easy-to-read, interesting, and thorough.

As you work on your media kit, consider these suggestions:

  1. Think of your "social media footprint." Make sure to include all numbers of followers/subscribers/contacts on your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and similar accounts.
  2. Think of your contacts in real life. How connected are you in your community? Many Christian women bloggers, especially, have many opportunities for relationships in the Church and in para-church organizations.
  3. Regard your media kit as a "digital resume." Just as you wrote every activity and honor on your college application, do the same for your blog's media kit.
  4. Note any previous campaigns in which you've been involved and how you achieved your goals with your blog. Record all conferences attended.
  5. Statistics are important, of course, and Google Analytics is the recommended tool for gathering them. Do find out who your audience is. Advertisers are more concerned about who is receiving your message (and ultimately their ads) than they are concerned with you.
  6. Even if your blog is small, create a media kit! It gives you a professional profile and it's important to have on-hand.

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Do you have a media kit? What's in it? What's your best piece of advice for a blogger creating a new media kit for her blog?

*The articles listed here are from websites that do not necessarily contain Christian content.