Some More Content Creation Tips

I mentioned a couple weeks ago coming up with content for your blog on a consistent basis is hard work and I shared with you some ideas on how to keep the ideas coming.  Coming up with valuable content week after week, day after day, can get old after a while and it can become quite challenging.   So here are a few more tips to help keep the wheels spinning and your blog growing.

  1. Get organized. Do you ever notice that great content ideas come to you when you’re driving to the grocery store, taking a shower or at the park with the kids?  Keep a notebook or smart phone with you and capitalize on these inspiring moments. Then, as soon as you get home or to a computer, draft a quick blog post on that idea so it doesn’t disappear.  I use the Evernote iPhone app to keep track of ideas while I'm on the run.
  2. Capitalize on creative moments. When you’re having a good writing day, do more than pat yourself on the back for a good post, take advantage of your momentum and write several posts at once.  I try to do this once a week.  It so nice to know that I have all my posts written for the week in advance an to have one less thing to worry about.
  3. Keep a file of blog ideas. As mentioned in #1 blog ideas come to us at the most inconvenient times. Keep a log of your ideas in a file on your computer or at least on a notebook you keep on your desk. Now, when you’re stumped for an idea, you can simply open your notebook and pick the one on top.  I tend to keep my ideas in Evernote too; that way I can access them from any computer or even my iPhone.
  4. Borrow Ideas. If you keep up on industry publications, blogs and data then you can borrow from these resources to create a quick post.  You can start your post with something like, “Today in the New York Times” or “I read a blog post this week about…here are my thoughts.”  The good thing about this method of content creation is that it also keeps you up-to-date with what is going on in the world.

I know a lot of people don't have problems coming up with ideas, but I am not one of them.  These are just some tips I use to help in the creation process.  Also remember that your content doesn't have to be in the written form.  It can be video, audio, or image too.