Should You Join Sponsored Tweets?

SponsoredTweets referral badgeThere has been a lot of talk lately about making money on Twitter with sponsored tweets. While there are a couple different sites that offer you money for placing ads in your tweets, the one I have been reading about lately is Sponsored Tweets by IZEA.

Before I blogged about them and shared with you all my opinion, I wanted to give the site a test drive. Signing up for the site was very easy. You simply authorize Sponsored Tweet access to your Twitter account. You also have the option of signing up by email. Sponsored Tweet notifies you via Direct Message when you have offers, when your tweets have been approved, and when you have been paid.

My main concern about tweeting ads is being able to maintain my honesty and Christian character. I don't want an ad to undermine my testimony on Twitter. As Karin said in a guest post, "When we call ourselves Christians we are representing our Lord in all that we do and all that we say."

So I really liked that I am able to decline ads and actually write my own ad through Sponsored Tweets. With the ability to write my own tweet ad for the product I am able to make sure it is something I would actually say, it is the truth, and is not jeopardizing my testimony in any way. This is a BIG plus for me in using Sponsored Tweets.

Overall, I like Sponsored Tweets. It automatically adds a disclosure hashtag to all tweets so that you

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are FTC compliant and transparent. The only aspect I do not like is that you have to have $50 in your account before you can cash out. From the average rates of ads I have gotten that would take me about 25 ads to accomplish. It's not get rich quick scheme that's for sure.

Have you used Sponsored Tweets? If so, what did you think?