Risking Failure

Most of us don't really like failure, and we might even avoid it at all costs. But in life, everyone faces failure at some point. For those who choose to take risks and live outside their comfort zone, failure tends to be a more common reality. And it's not always a bad thing.

This blogger talks about how we respond to failure and why failure is ultimately okay. Sometimes, it might be the best thing that happens to you. She highlights how God can do amazing things through our failures. And more importantly, how sometimes it's better to risk failure than to hold back.

At some point we have to decide that we would rather live life failing from time to time then to die with regrets of not trying those things God puts in front of us.  I have lived on both sides of the coin and I can promise you the pain of failure is dull in comparison to the pain of not trying!

Life Outside the Shell: What if I fail?.